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Tips for your window: deco and privacy protection all in one!

10. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Chris -

With windows that's always a problem: they let in light and sun – but also unwanted glances. So, you would like more privacy in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or bedroom – but without expensive, heavy curtains or rattling venetian or pleated blinds that magically gather dust? Great! Then the static cling privacy film from d-c-fix® is just what you need!


Now decorate your window and leave prying eyes outside! 


Candice static cling window films lets you put a decorative touch on your glass surfaces. The design is inspired by modern mandalas and a timeless number one look and if you are into a romantic lifestyle or shabby chic, it is your window favourite.


The trick: when using Candice, the window sills in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet stay clear – you can also decorate as you please in the window areas. What's more, you save space and spare yourself the rollers, shutters or pleated blinds that not only gobble up your budget, but take ages to install. Even when the sun's out, the decor in your window films retains its looks and does not fade.


Make your home even more beautiful - and start right with your windows!

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