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A real wonder wall: a fresh tiling look for your walls, quickly and easily!

10. August, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

You might recognise the scenario: you love your home – but the horrible old tiles on the wall are definitely not your style. You would like a nice, quick solution for the tiling in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room. The good news: you can give unloved tiled surfaces or untiled walls a completely new look in no time at all – with absolutely no tricky tiling work. How?


Looks like real tiles – but much quicker & easier to do!


With d-c-home® ceramics, you can give your wall a high-quality, real tiled look. You treat the washable wall ceramics covering with a special adhesive, as you would a wallpaper – and thus conjure up a great tiled look for your walls, quickly and inexpensively. You also have a choice: want something classic and simple? If so, the Cremona ceramics in a soft white, is perfect for you. To get the colourful, unusual look of Moroccan tiles, Riasan ceramics in shades of blue is ideal. It is a swift way to introduce some fresh, oriental magic into your kitchen or bathroom.

If the views are unappealing…

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