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Finally lay your dream floor

Project from Björn -

With our floor tiles, you can quite easily lay the floor you desire. The days when you got annoyed about scratches in your laminate are over. Select tiles in your favorite design, lay them easily thanks to their self-adhesive rear side, and enjoy the new feel of the room. And the best thing: The tiles can be replaced with no dirt or stone dust!


Project description for laying new tiles

You will need…

  • Classic floor tiles
  • Scissors
  • A ruler

  • A pencil
  • Cutting knife from the d-c-fix® application set
  • Cutting board

Let’s go

Step 1

Make sure your floor is free from dirt, dust and moisture. Get the tiles ready, together with a pencil, a ruler, a cutting knife and a cutting board.

Step 2

Remove the paper on the rear side of the classic floor tiles.

Step 3

Stick the first floor tile in the corner of your room and lay the rest of the floor tiles edge to edge. Cut the floor tiles at the edge with a cutting knife.

Step 4

If the floor tiles get dirty, you can wipe them clean quite easily with a little water and a mild cleaning agent.

You’re done!

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