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Chest of drawers with d-c-fix® Rustic adhesive foil with the wood-effect, and top covered with Anthracite decorative foil.

DIY makeover: Welcome to your own coffee bar!

Project from Chris -

It’s an inescapable part of New York’s lifestyle: The coffee bar, where getting yourself a coffee is a popular ritual. And it’s this feeling that you can now bring into your home with your own private bar. Or better, into the kitchen, dining room or even your home office. And you don’t need to buy half of Manhattan: An old chest of drawers will do the job! With our amazing DIY makeover using d-c-fix® Rustic and Anthracite adhesive foils, this can be transformed into an attractive piece of coffee bar furniture, on which a coffee machine, attractive mugs and some selected accessories create a café ambiance like the one in “Friends.”

Ready for your first espresso at your own bar?

First the DIY – then the pleasure of coffee!

You will need…

  • Several rolls of d-c-fix® Rustic
  • Several rolls of d-c-fix® Anthracite
  • d-c-fix® application kit with scraper and utility

  • knife
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Let’s go

Step 1

Clean the chest of drawers thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dust, dirt and grease residue.

Step 2

Now determine the dimensions of the body and fronts and transfer the measurements to the back of the Rustic wood-effect adhesive foil. Transfer the measurements of the top to the back of the Anthracite adhesive foil.

Step 3

Cut the adhesive foils to size.

Step 4

Remove a broad strip of backing paper from the first foil element and apply it a handbreadth in advance, pressing it firmly down with the scraper. Cover all the parts of the chest you want a wood-effect for in this way.

Step 5

For the top, proceed as above and press the Anthracite adhesive foil firmly down.

Step 6

You can trim any excess adhesive foil with the utility knife.

We did it!

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