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Get that newly tiled look in the bathroom with d-c-wall® Simenta ceramics wallpaper.

DIY Makeover: A Great New Tiled Look for Your Bathroom!

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You’re aware of it every morning in the bathroom: The time is now! The bathroom tiles have definitely seen better days. But how can you do a smart renovation job without the effort, costs, tradespeople or even the stress with your landlord?


Simple: Give your bathroom walls a fresh, new look with the ceramics wallpapers from d-c-wall®. The Simenta wall covering, featuring a trendy, decorative cement tile effect in shades of gray and pale blue, transform your old bathroom into a smart, appealing oasis reminiscent of a vacation or a boutique hotel.


Are you ready for a DIY “wow” moment in your bathroom with d-c-wall® Simenta and to start your day feeling like it’s a vacation?

You will need…

  • d-c-wall® Simenta ceramics – the quantity depends on the size of your bathroom walls
  • Assembly/universal adhesive
  • Doctor blade
  • Cutter

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Cleaning cloth

Let’s go

Step 1

Let’s get down to basics: Clean the tile mirror thoroughly so that it is free of lime, soap and dirt residue. After this, measure out the part of the wall that you want to apply with Simenta in its decorative tiles look.

Step 2

Cut the d-c-wall® ceramics wallpaper to size in accordance with the dimensions of the wall. Then apply paste to the rear side of the ceramics wallpaper and allow it to soak in.

Step 3

In addition, apply paste to the tile mirror surface to be covered.

Step 4

Now stick the first strip to the wall. If applying several strips, ensure that the strips are aligned end-to-end.

Step 5

Press your first Simenta wallpaper strip firmly on the tiled wall, then smooth it down firmly using your doctor blade.

You’re done!

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