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Upcycling with d-c-fix - DIY table with empty bottles as table legs

Upcycling idea for wine drinkers - side table with d-c-fix®

Project from Angelina -

Anyone can take empty glass bottles away! So how about a cool upcylcing idea?


Empty wine bottles can also be used to build individual pieces of furniture such as side tables. All you need are a few empty bottles, a wooden board and d-c-fix® adhesive film. In just a few steps you can create a real eye-catcher for your living room from these few materials.

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix® Rio
  • Processing set d-c-fix® with squeegee and cutter
  • 2-3 round wooden boards
  • Hole Drill

  • Several empty bottles
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Let’s go

Step 1

First take the hole drill and the wooden plate. Make sure that the hole drill is slightly smaller than the widest point of the bottle. Now drill at least 3 holes staggered in the wooden plate. For a rectangular wooden plate 4 holes are recommended.

Step 2

Now it's all about the look: take the d-c-fix® adhesive film and peel off a piece of the backing paper. Attach the adhesive film to the wooden board. Use a squeegee to apply the adhesive to the surface to avoid bubbles.

Step 3

Then cut out the holes with the cutter and remove the protruding foil at the edge of the plate. For this you also use the cutter.

Step 4

And now for the last step: Put the wine bottles into the holes and your individual coffee table is ready!

You’re done!

Upcycling with d-c-fix - DIY table with empty bottles as table legs
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