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Bathtub covered with d-c-fix® adhesive film

Vacation feeling part 2 - DIY fish for your shower

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We have already shown you how to turn your shower screen into a maritime highlight. Today it’s time for the bathtub! Selfmade fish from the Quadro Navy adhesive film enhance the vacation feeling in your bathroom. In our fish DIY for the bath, we’ll show you how to bring the underwater world into your bathroom!

You will need…

  • One roll of d-c-fix® Quadro Navy
  • Processing set d-c-fix® with squeegee and cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Box
  • Hole punch

Let’s go

Step 1

First you draw the outline of a fish on the cardboard with a pencil. Then cut this out as a template.

Step 2

Now transfer the shape to the back of the Quadro Navy adhesive film using your template.  Transfer as many fish as you need. Then cut out the fish.

Step 3

For the eye, use a hole punch. Place the hole punch in the right place on the adhesive foil fish and create the eye.

Step 4

Now remove the backing film from the d-c-fix® adhesive film and attach the fish to the bathtub. Brush the fish firmly with a squeegee.

You’re done!

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