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Fabulous Tile Look

07. June, 2024 / Blogpost from Cintia -

Tiles are simply fabulous! They are low-maintenance and, with their striking appearance, look just like slate and brick closers. The only problem comes if you no longer like them or if they get damaged and have to be replaced. But thanks to d-c-wall® ceramics, that’s not a problem any more.  This innovation can be stuck onto old tiles or else directly onto the wall – like wallpaper. This makes the attractive wall covering much more robust and distinctly easier to work with. Neither dust nor dirt is an issue, and there is no need to hire anyone to do the work, because giving your walls a makeover is an easy do-it-yourself job. You can conjure up a new chic and trendy look very quickly on the walls or surfaces in the kitchen, the bathroom or wherever you want.


The “tile look” DIY project requires the following basic equipment:

folding rule
scissors / sharp knife
wide brush
ceramics adhesive
…and ceramics rolls of your choice!

Indulgent treats or light cuisine

Indulgent treats or light cuisine

A breakfast bar in the kitchen is always a good idea. But, if you want to turn it into something really special, what you’re missing is some extraordinary tiling. Too much effort? Certainly not with d-c-home® ceramics! Because tiling doesn’t get any easier. Simply measure the old kitchen block, cut ceramics to size with scissors using the cement tile design, cover with wallpaper adhesive and stick on. In no time at all, your kitchen will have a centerpiece that invites people to come back again and again for a leisurely breakfast.
Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic

Cool but not at all cold! Thanks to the innovative wall covering, this great wall decoration not only comes with an irresistible tile look, but is also warm and welcoming. Because the new d-c-home® ceramics surface with the boho bricks design is much thicker than wallpaper, making it look deceptively real. This is combined with an extremely pleasant feel, giving the most perfect sense of comfort with every touch. And the beautiful brick look provides a really fantastic stage for industrial-look shelves. That will help to imbue the room with a touch of vintage.
Expert tip

Expert tip

Be sure to use wall covering adhesive and not paste for the ceramics!
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