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Fußboden in Multi-Kachel-Optik im Design orientalischer Fliesen mit Mustern in verschiedenen Grautönen.

Floor makeover: a 1,001 nights feeling with every step!

Project from Alex -

As we all know: at home there are many beautiful things that bring us joy. But a look at the floor leads to the following conclusion: definitely room for improvement! You would like to have a floor that gives pleasure? Then look here: the floor makeover with the self-adhesive floor tiles from d-c-fix® in the Oriental Tiles design transforms your floor into an eye-catcher in the look of oriental decorative tiles. And at the same time the overall effect is modern, because the Oriental Tiles are calmly colored in shades of gray.

Are you looking for the perfect balance between vibrant-inspiring and up-to-date for the floor? Then get ready for the DIY project with d-c-fix® Oriental Tiles!

You will need …

  • d-c-fix® self-adhesive Oriental Tiles floor tiles
  • Cutting pad
  • Utility knife
  • Pressure roller

  • Pencil
  • Yard stick
  • Ruler
  • Cleaning agent

The tutorial for your floor makeover starts here:

Step 1

Acclimatize floor tiles for 48 hours in the room.
Surface preparation: clean the floor and damp mop it. The floor covering must be clean and dust-free before installation so that the self-adhesive floor tiles adhere well.

Step 2

Now measure the floor area and note the dimensions.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the floor tile.

Note: if you always follow the same arrow direction when laying, the pattern will run evenly.

Step 4

Start by bonding the first floor tile in a corner of the room and press the tile well into place using the pressure roller. Affix the tiles one after another on the floor in this way.

Step 5

Is a tile too long or too wide? Then simply measure the floor area to be covered and draw the required dimension on the front of the adhesive tile.

Step 6

Now cut the tile to size – to do this, it is best to run the utility knife along the ruler several times.

Step 7

Remove the backing paper from the cut tile and press it firmly onto the floor using the pressure roller.

You’re done!

Staubsauger saugt glänzenden Fußboden.
  • Graeme
    Posted at 15:55h, 06 April Reply

    What substrate can these be stuck on to. I am sceptical as they don’t look like they will last

    • Avatar photo
      Posted at 12:59h, 27 June Reply

      Hello Graeme,

      The tiles are suitable for installation in rooms with low traffic. Do not install on floating floor coverings (laminate, parquet, click vinyl), PVC or linoleum as well as in rooms exposed to heat, cold or high humidity (e.g. underfloor heating, conservatory).
      Before bonding the tiles, they should be acclimatized in the room for 48 hours. The surface to be bonded must be flat, smooth and free from dirt, dust, grease and moisture. Joints and unevenness > 3mm must be filled.
      Best regards,
      your d-c-fix® Team

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