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Bring your perfect baking station to life thanks to this food-safe baking mat!

14. December, 2019 / Blogpost from Eva -

Bring some festive cheer to your baking worktop, with only 10 days until the Holidays! Now is the perfect time for getting out your favorite recipes and baking with your loved ones! The more, the merrier. But, how can so many busy hands work in the kitchen and dining room without creating a lot of chaos and mess?

It's easy, thanks to the transparent table cover from d-c-home®.


Bake with more space and ease, all thanks to our new tablecloth!


With the transparent tablecloth you can also turn tables outside your kitchen into worktops for your baking. This doesn't just provide extra space, less mess and less tidying up. It also adds a decorative touch to your home. The tablecloth is the ideal baking mat for preparing festive treats in a delicious and food-safe way.


This gives you peace of mind (especially when baking with children) – everything is safe, all ingredients and food can be placed on the food-safe sheet without worry, and they can be prepared or even eaten directly off it.


Enjoy your Holiday baking!

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