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Be responsible - Food safe tablecloths

d-c-table® products give you a safe, good feeling at the table since they are food-safe. Our food-safe tablecloths and placemats ensure that no colouring, smell or taste is transferred from the tablecloth to the food.

d-c-table® products stand for quality and safety.


Why to choose d-c-table®?

  • 100% food-safe: for direct contact with food – and complete safety for
    children and adults at the table


  • 100% water-repellent stain protection: thanks to the durable premium coating


  • 100% easy to clean: d-c-table® products with textile underside can be
    washed and ironed on the backside

Table Covering for every Occasion

  • Ideal for everyday use, indoors and outdoors


  • Individual decoration and design options for a special flair at festivals & celebrations as well as in everyday life


  • A great variety of stylish, charming, classic and elegant designs that fit great to your home décor and your occasion

Tips & Tricks

How do I find the right tablecloth size for my table?
Measure the length and width or the diameter of your table – and add the  desired lateral overhang of 20 to 25 cm per side.


How can I get rid of the plastic smell when unpacking the tablecloth?
Simply apply pure vinegar cleanser (no vinegar water!) on a soft cleaning cloth – and wipe off the new tablecloth. Dry on the table or on the clothesline and let it air - done!


How can I get my tablecloth wrinkle free?
For d-c-table® tablecloths WITH textile underside, you can gently iron the tablecloth on the underside (maximum level 2, without steam). d-c-table®
tablecloths WITHOUT textile underside can be smoothed on the table by blow-drying.


How do I recognize the food authenticity of tablecloths or placemats?
The food-safe products can be easily recognized by the glass-and-fork symbol on the packaging.