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A guaranteed safe bet: tablecloths from d-c-home®

23. February, 2019 / Blogpost from Cintia -

Do you love the look of a beautifully laid table, both in everyday life and when friends and family come to visit? With d-c-home® tablecloths, you can afford to be demanding when it comes to appearance, design, quality, care – and, of course, hygiene. A key feature of our high quality tablecloths and placemats is that they are 100% food safe, so you can always be safe in the knowledge that every product in our range ensures no print colors, chemical odors or taste will be transferred to your food should they come into direct contact.


Attractive and practical for everyday use – and 100% food safe!


Our tablecloths are practical, attractive and non-hazardous, making them perfect for everyday use for you, your family, children and guests at the table – whether indoors or out on your patio or balcony. And did you know that all d-c-table® products offer 100% water-repellent stain protection thanks to their premium coating? Another great feature is that they are really easy to clean: All of our tablecloths can be washed, and those with a fabric underside can also be ironed. Tablecloths without a fabric underside can easily be smoothed out by laying them on the table and blow-drying them.

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