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Glitz & glamour for your home!

01. August, 2019 / Blogpost from Lucy -

In all honesty, some days the only solution is "confetti and glitter". So we have come up with a great idea for giving your four walls a glamorous makeover: With the new d-c-fix® glitter foil in three striking colours, you can bring new life to small areas and home accessories.


Let it shine! With d-c-fix® glitter foil in cool silver, pink & sleek black


Wow, your photo gallery with photo frames in silver and black is a real eye-catcher! Your pencil organiser, notebook and storage box on your desk shimmer in romantic pink. The invitations to your next party have a self-designed, glamorous look that impresses your friends. The silver stars on your chest of drawers and your make-up mirror are as radiant as you are.


But you know – there's never enough glitter!

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