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Mini-Kommode Ikea Moppe im Originalzustand.  Kommode Ikea Moppe mit Klebefolie in heller Holzoptik und mit Vintage- Griffen in Bronze gestaltet.   Kommode Ikea Moppe mit Klebefolie in dunkler Holzoptik und Bronze-Ringen als Griffe.   Kommode Ikea Moppe mit matter Klebefolie in Salbeigrün und Griffen im Vintage-Look alter Etiketten-Halter.

Makeover for the Moppe dresser – which look is your favorite?

Project from Eva -

It’s a real celebrity. And one of the most practical helpers of the world-renowned Swedish furniture house. Who hasn’t got one: the versatile “Moppe” mini dresser? Because the organizer with drawers is so popular, it’s a pleasure to give it your personal touch. Our DIY hack shows how you can give Moppe a makeover in different retro looks using the three d-c-fix® adhesive foils Jura Pine, Walnut or Uni Matt sage green as well as various vintage handles. Which look is your favorite?

You will need …

  • d-c-fix® Jura Pine adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Uni Matt sage green adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Walnut adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® application kit with doctor blade & utility knife
  • Pencil

  • Scale
  • Ruler
  • Handles and matching screws
  • Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver
  • Cleaning agent

Let’s go!

You can find the Moppe makeover tutorial here:

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of all mini dresser surfaces to be covered. Transfer the measurements to the adhesive foil of your choice and then cut the foil pieces with a slight allowance.

Step 2

Peel off the backing paper on the back of the foil.

Step 3

Apply the foil to the dresser and smooth it firmly into place with the doctor blade.

Step 4

Make the markings for the drill holes of the handles.

Step 5

Now pre-drill the holes for mounting the handles.

Step 6

Position the handles on the front and fix them with the screws from behind.

You’re done!

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