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Carpet mat from d-c-floor® laid between the floor and the carpet guarantees outstanding slip prevention.

Floor Function: Perfect for stopping your rug from slipping!

17. July, 2020 / Blogpost from Alex -

A rug should look attractive. It should be soft and feel good. A runner is designed to decorate your apartment. Small rugs or bath mats are designed to spice up rooms. An outdoor rug is intended to create a cozy environment outside and give you a warm feeling.


Unfortunately, rugs, runners and other type of coverings tend to slip on floors with tiles, parquet, laminate and stone. Not only is this annoying, but it can be dangerously slippery and create unnecessary stress when vacuuming.

d-c-floor®carpet mats: prevent rugs from slipping and make them safer


Floor Function carpet mats hold your rugs, runners and mats firmly in place and prevent them from slipping. The carpet mat uses a principle similar to non-slip socks to keep everything firmly in place — regardless of the rug material. As a result, the rug can no longer slip, flip over, move around or present dangerous tripping hazards. The best thing is that you can cut Floor Function non-slip carpet mats to fit your rugs exactly!

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