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Mark recommends: ceramics for the ultimate loft look

19. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Mark -

The new ceramics wall covering from d-c-home® gives your home the ultimate loft look with its stylish finishes – mosaic tiles, slate, pebble and brick. This casual style really stands out whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or on the stairs. And the great thing is that you can either attach ceramics directly to the wall or an old tiled backsplash. As you know, tiles can be tricky. Once they’re on the wall, it’s not easy to get them off again. It takes a lot of effort and is a dirty job. If you’re looking for a solution that can be replaced quickly and easily, I cannot recommend the new ceramics highly enough. Simply stick it on like wallpaper and you’ll have a new look in no time at all.

It’s amazing!


I immediately fell in love with the new vinyl wallpaper and used it for the kitchen makeover. I gave the kitchen island a completely new look. What used to be dull and mundane has been turned into the kitchen’s most stunning feature thanks to Ceramics Tisa in brick look. Who wouldn’t want to chop the veg, stir a dish or enjoy a chat here – you could sit here until daylight. A few candles give your Brooklyn loft chic a touch of romance. All you need now is a wonderful red wine that matches the warm earthy tones perfectly. And a steak too of course. Perfect!


Using the material is child’s play – you don’t need any previous experience, just a good wall covering adhesive so that everything is firmly attached. Then it’s all plain sailing. A kitchen unit generally has four sides, which can be covered in no time at all with Ceramics Tisa from d-c-home®. As our kitchen unit has a cupboard and cooker on one side, we attached a strip across three sides. Below we used a narrow 10-centimeter strip and also stuck it all the way around. The advantage of this is that the corners look great as there are no edge cuts. The key is to prepare the substrate properly. It should be even, smooth and devoid of fat and dust. Wash your hands, get your tools ready and it’s away to go! How do you like my kitchen island in Brooklyn loft style? I’m over the moon with it.


The new ceramics wall covering from d-c-home® gives a chic loft look to any room!


I highly recommend the new ceramics wall covering to anyone looking to freshen up their home. You can conjure up a completely new style in a few simple steps – whether it’s Marrakesh or New York!

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