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Turn old into new

Project from Chris -

You can turn your old stool into an attractive new piece of furniture easily and with very little effort using noblessa basic leatherette.


Adding a personal touch in 6 simple steps

You will need…

  • Approximately one meter of noblessa basic leatherette in black (depending on the size of the seat)
  • A ruler / measuring stick

  • Scissors
  • A stapler

Let’s go

Step 1

Source a leatherette in the color of your choice, making sure you have a sufficient amount.

Step 2

Place the noblessa leatherette, with the colored surface facing down, on an even surface, such as the floor.

Step 3

Draw dots on the leatherette at several points all around your stool. Leave a gap between the dots and the stool that corresponds to the depth of the seat.

Step 4

Use the dots to draw a circle around the stool.

Step 5

Cut out the circle.

Step 6

Fold the noblessa basic leatherette over the edge of the stool and staple it into place. Make sure that you pull the leatherette firmly over the edges so that the seat is nice and tight later on.

You’re done!

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