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Plant pot in a fashionable industrial style

Project from Cintia -

Our Cintia tropical adhesive film doesn’t just cheer everyone up, it also brings back that summer feeling from your last beach holiday. Golden accents make this picture frame a real eye-catcher on your walls.


Instructions on how to make a creative jungle-themed picture frame in just 4 steps

You will need…

  • One roll of d-c-fix® Segovia
  • d-c-fix® application kit with smoothing blade and cutter knife
  • MDF panels, 1 cm thick
  • 1x 30x60 cm, 2x 60x18 cm and 2x 28x18 cm
  • 4 hairpin table legs

  • UHU Express wood glue
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Let’s go

Step 1

Place the panels on the base panel and glue them to each other. First, glue the long sides to the base panel, then glue the short sides into place.

Step 2

Fix the sides using masking tape so that the glue can dry.

Step 3

Trace the side dimensions on the back of the adhesive film, cut these out, and then attach the film to the plant pot using the smoothing blade.

Step 4

Finally, attach the hairpin table legs to the underside of the box using small screws and a screwdriver.

You’re done!

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