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Children’s room makeover: glitter for the princesses’ room

31. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Lucy -

Glitter, sparkle and style: it can never shimmer and shine enough for little princesses! That’s why a child’s room needs a good dose of glitter and glam – on furniture and home accessories too. How does it work? It’s remarkably simple: with the fantastic shimmering adhesive, glitter-effect films from d-c-fix® in silver and pink, you’ll have the glamour makeover for the little princess's room done in no time at all.


Wow, it shimmers and shines thanks to d-c-fix®!


The glitter foils in silver and pink turn mirrors, picture frames, storage containers, jewellery boxes, accessories or small desk drawers into great eye-catchers. Their glittering appeal not only brings more joy, but lifts the mood in the child's room with a touch of glamour that will delight little princesses of all ages.

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