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Windows with an ornamental panel of opaque window foil.

Privacy please: Make great-looking privacy protection for your window!

Project from Chris -

Let’s be honest: there are areas of your home where you don’t want to have nosy neighbors or passersby watching you. The living room is certainly one of them. If you want to quickly achieve more privacy there without the need for elaborate curtains, then you should get to know Charis now! The opaque d-c-fix® static PREMIUM window foil with an attractive ornamental pattern in white with 3-D effect makes windows impervious to prying eyes in an instant. Charis lets you find the perfect level of privacy protection for the window because you can use the foil to create opaque areas that cover only part of the window. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to achieve chic and effective privacy protection with Charis!

You will need …

  • d-c-fix® Charis
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler

  • Utility knife
  • Doctor blade
  • Spray bottle with water

Let’s go

Step 1

Measure the window or window area you want to make opaque. Transfer the measurements to the backing paper of the window foil and cut the foil to size with the utility knife.

Step 2

Clean the glass surface of the window thoroughly and then spray it with plenty of water using the spray bottle.

Step 3

Peel off the backing paper of the privacy protective film and apply the foil to the window pane, press it on and smooth it down firmly.

Step 4

Finally, use the doctor blade to thoroughly push out any excess water between the glass and the film and dry the window with the cloth.

You’re done!

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