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Two side tables with round table tops with granite look in beige or gray.

Awesome radiance: Your side tables in a granite look!

Project from Angelina -

The outdoor season has finally arrived! And with it, we’re all looking forward to a wonderful sunny time on the balcony or terrace. Practical seating, a dining table and side tables are essential for enjoying a great time with friends and family. So here’s a summer upcycling idea to make your side tables a huge success with a granite look. With the d-c-fix® Porrinho adhesive foils in a beige or gray-blue granite look, the table surfaces are lent a trendy natural stone appearance to turn them into chic helpers for the balcony. Tip: to enjoy the new granite look for a long time to come, protect the tables from rain and moisture as these can damage the covering.

You will need …

  • d-c-fix®Porrinho beige adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Porrinho gray-blue adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® application kit with doctor blade & utility knife
  • Pencil

  • Yard stick
  • Ruler
  • Two side tables

Let’s go!

And here’s how to achieve that granite styling on your side tables:


You have everything you need? Then get started!

Step 1

Determine the dimensions of the rectangular tabletop or the diameter if the side table has a circular top.

Step 2

Transfer the dimensions or the diameter onto the rear side of the d-c-fix® Porrinho beige or Porrinho gray-blue adhesive foil using a pencil. Then add a few centimeters of excess and also mark this on the back of the foil.

Step 3

Next, cut the foil to size along the marked lines using the utility knife.

Step 4

Remove the backing paper from the piece of granite-look foil.

Step 5

Apply the foil to the surface of the table and smooth it down firmly using the doctor blade.

Step 6

Now carefully cut off the excess foil along the tabletop edge using the utility knife.

You’re done!

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