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Butterfly Beauty: table cloth with 1001 colourful butterflies

08. August, 2019 / Blogpost from Patricia -

The weekend is here. Temperatures are high. Plenty of sun. It's time for another barbecue! The outdoor table, where everyone gathers and celebrates, becomes a hotspot.


And how can you make your garden table into a real eye-catcher? Problem solved! With the transparent Paradiso Lilith table cloth, featuring a host of delightful, fluttering butterflies.


A pleasure to behold – and ideal for fun, party occasions


The table cloths in the Paradiso range do not just provide gorgeous protection for your table – they are wonderfully easy to clean, prevent liquids seeping through, and are beautifully decorative. With its combination of transparency and the amazingly realistic butterfly pattern, the Paradiso Lilith table cloth will bring your table to life – either on its own or effectively combined with a plain textile table cloth beneath it.


Either way, your colourful garden party can get going – have a great time out there in the sun!

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