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Tile Art: Tile look for your walls - now really easy to do yourself!

07. September, 2019 / Blogpost from Björn -

Tiles on the wall are great. Except for the huge job of fitting them. People often use tiles, natural stone or wood to embellish walls in rental or shared apartments – but this needs to be clarified with the landlord first.  And there are quite a lot of costs and work involved. However, it’s never been easier to achieve a modern tile look, fine wood design, fashionable concrete look or luxurious-looking marble! With d-c-wall® Tile Art, the fantastic new vinyl DIY tiles, you can now get a high-quality, modern look on your walls – really easy to apply yourself, with very little time and effort, without annoying dirt and electric tools.


Just as nice as the real thing but with a lot less work and expense! 


The modern vinyl Tile Art wall tiles look and feel much the same as ceramic, stone, concrete or wood tiles. But their light weight, micro V-grooves and tongue-and-groove system make it easy to work with Tile Art tiles and stick them on the wall.

You can use them to spontaneously enhance and add a personal touch to your walls in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom or create feature walls in your living room or bedroom. Using Tile Art tiles is the only real way of getting the luxurious look of marble, the urban ambience of concrete or the vibrant, warm look of real wood easily and effectively.


Are you ready for new walls with a wow effect? There’s no time like the present...

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