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A new design for your home in wood, concrete or ceramics – it’s all extremely easy with Tile Art

12. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

Great news for you and your home! The days of boring walls are definitely over. Your walls can be made extremely attractive and individual today! With our attractive decorative Tile Art wall tiles made of vinyl in incredibly realistic ceramic tile, concrete and wood looks, you'll give your walls a touch of genuine quality, like in a five-star hotel or luxury loft.


A high-end style and luxury look for your walls with Tile Art!


You can create a top-quality new look for your walls without the hassle of lots of work, dirt and tedious grouting:


  1. Find your favourite Tile Art tiles and work out how many you need plus 10% wastage.


  1. Wall preparation: the surface has to be dry, clean and devoid of oil and fat. Remove any unevenness beforehand with a filler.


  1. The tools required: a straightedge, cutter knife, pencil, measuring tape, dispersion adhesive and brush to apply.


  1. Get started: apply the adhesive evenly across then entire surface of the back of the wall tiles – start with the first tile in the bottom left-hand corner of the space to be covered.


  1. Put the first row of tiles in place, working from left to right. Ensure the tiles are firmly pushed together on the tongue side. This also applies to the second row of tiles which you start on after completing the bottom row.


  1. You can easily cut any tiles with a cutter knife to make the edges fit perfectly.


  1. Clean edges: for a neat edge finish – this is particularly important when you only wish to decorate part of a larger wall with Tile Art – cut off the tongue profile using the cutter knife or apply an industry-standard edging profile of your choice.


  1. That's it – time to admire your work! Invite some friends over and bask in the warm glow of a successful DIY wall project.
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