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Here’s the new d-c-fix® tile look – now you too can lend your home that Scandinavian touch!

09. March, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

As a long-time DIY fan, you know from experience that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Often, even just a small change is enough to lend a whole new feeling to your home, which is why we have created two great new products for fans of the timeless Scandinavian style and the tile effect.


If your taste in interior style tends more toward the classically elegant Scandinavian look, the d-c-fix® Visbi adhesive film in tasteful gray and white is the perfect product for you. With its classic, exquisitely designed geometric patterns, you can create stylish highlights for the fronts of your stairs or your wardrobes or lend your kitchen front panels a fresh, clear look. You can also decorate your furniture or walls in the bathroom with the Visbi decorative film to create attractive accents that instantly radiate a sense of relaxed well-being.


The d-c-fix® Svanek decorative film in turquoise blue and featuring a hand-painted tile effect conjures up a sense of freshness and vitality – perfect for visual highlights in your kitchen, bathroom, guest bathroom or study.

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