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Upcycling in the industrial chic trendy look

05. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Lucy -

Upcycling works in all styles – we have discovered a look for you that will be just right for trendy comfort this autumn or winter: industrial chic. Its casual elegance is simply irresistible - and is perfect for giving your old furniture a new shine and glamour with upcycling.


Old & used turned into proper chic! 


What you will need: an old, cherished piece of furniture, with all its nicks and flaws. Sufficient rolls of d-c-fix® Quadro Night Blue and the Concrete decor for the laid back contrast on the front of your furniture. If you want to show off or highlight the inside of the furniture piece – important for a bar cabinet or bureau is important – an accentuating colour provides the fitting touch. For that, choose something additional, such as paint base film in sunshine yellow or glossy film in gold or bronze for the extra touch of luxury.


DIY upcycling in industrial chic gives your used furniture that long awaited upgrade – for wow effects that will surprise even you!

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