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Click TILE floor tiles by d-c-floor® – practical helpers outdoors!

Project from Noah -

Regardless of whether you are camping, in your garden, or next to your pool, our click TILE floor tiles by d-c-floor® adjust to all spatial conditions. Thanks to the click system, laying them is very simple and fast. In addition, the tiles protect the floor and are anti-skid. Advantage when camping: the floor area in front of your camper or under the awning can be easily changed at any time and adapted to the spatial conditions. On rainy days in particular, water runs off thanks to the grid structure, and the underside is well ventilated (no mould growth!) – this allows you to enter your mobile accommodations with nearly dry feet!


Project description for your Do-It-Yourself floor tiles

You will need...

  • d-c-floor® click TILES
  • Click CORNER
  • Click EDGE

  • Rubber mallet
  • Tape measure

Let’s go

Step 1

Measure the desired surface and gather the materials for your new floor. Here, seven tiles will result in one square meter. The subfloor must be hard, stable, and level.

Step 2

Due to expansion at high temperatures, you should leave 10 to 15 mm space between the wall and the tiles.

Step 3

Each square tile has two sides with nubs on the bottom and two sides with connector pieces with small holes. In order to connect the tiles to one another, you need to only “click” the nubs into the connector pieces with the holes.

Step 4

Once the complete surface has been laid out, you can begin to attach the corners and edges.

Step 5

The edge strips have nubs on the bottom side, with which they are clicked into the holes of the connector pieces of the tiles. You should remove the connector pieces on the sides of the edge strips (total of 4 pieces) before attachment.

Step 6

The corner pieces also have nubs on the underside, these can also be clicked into the holes of the connector pieces. The corner strip initially protrudes approx. 5 cm and then forms a corner with an

You’re done!

video tutorial

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    Sue Bailey

    , Hobby craftsman

    Posted at 13:59h, 03 September Reply

    Such a shame these are not sold in the UK! I take 6 grandchildren camping and the tiles would be wonderful. Better than groundsheet

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