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The latest upcycling ideas for your home can be found here

Your home is more than just the place where you live. It’s a space that gives you endless opportunities to express yourself and show who you are and what you’re particularly passionate about through creative interior design ideas. The furniture, decorative items, colors and materials that accompany you in your everyday life – these are all small mosaic pieces of a whole and must in their interactions create one thing above all: a place where you can feel comfortable, can let go and switch off.

In short: your home and your furnishings should not only delight and inspire you every day anew, but also give you a feeling of security and above all radiate coziness. After all, you spend a lot of time at home. That’s why everything that doesn’t make you feel good should be “weeded out” or, even better and more sustainable, literally spruced up. So why not simply get creative yourself? Have a craft session and get inspired by the many great upcycling ideas on our d-c-fix® DIY blog.

The great thing about DIY projects and furniture makeovers like this? You are in the driver’s seat, you can do everything yourself and decide. In addition, DIY actions such as this do not have to be expensive and can turn an unloved object like an old chest of drawers, which would otherwise end up in the trash, back into a real gem that you no longer would like to do without. And it’s super easy with the help of our tips and tricks and unusual ideas.

Basically, there are no limits when it comes to upcycling your furniture – there are lots of things you can do yourself. No professional knowledge or skills are necessary to successfully complete our DIY tutorials. No matter whether you want to breathe new life into pieces of furniture that are getting on in years and now show unattractive signs of use here and there, or want to set special accents on your walls, windows or even the floor: in our blog, you’re sure to find plenty of tutorials to help you give your furniture a second spring.