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Hello and welcome to the d-c-home® blog!

Here you will find all sorts of inspiration for our famous d-c-fix® decorative and glass films and for all our other d-c-home® products.


Inspiration, DIY projects, and advice on d-c-fix®


Say goodbye to boring mass-market products and hello to a more colorful and individualized world. On our blog, you will find lots of DIY projects for you to copy, easy tutorials, and handy tips for using our d-c-fix® products. Embark on a creative voyage through our product range and discover the next opportunity to give your home an individual touch. We'll show you lots of ideas on how you can decorate your four walls at a low cost and in a few easy steps.


We make it our task to break through the everyday and to redesign every day – it’s the same for your home. Our products offer a simple and cost-effective solution and are perfect for transforming your home layout. With d-c-fix® adhesive foils and window films, we have the perfect solution for customizing your furniture, home furnishings, windows and other glass surfaces. And d-c-fix® adheres to any surface – it even uses static to stick to glass – and can be easily removed anytime. So you can create your own individual style at home whenever you like! Be inspired and give it a go right now!


Be proud of your handiwork with d-c-fix®


Have you already completed a DIY project with d-c-fix®? Then be proud of your creation, show it off to the world and share your project with others.
We look forward to seeing them and all your DIY projects using d-c-fix® and home improvement ideas from the community. Show us who you are! If you want to share your ideas with other d-c-fix® brand fans, simply use the hashtags #dchome and #dcfix.


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