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Velvet – Treat Yourself to Some Velvety Luxury for Your Home!

01. June, 2019 / Blogpost from Cintia -

Silky, stunning, super-luxurious: experience the premium velvet trend now


Luxury living – that is what velvet has represented since emperors, kings and aristocrats used the noble textile in living and state rooms. But if the living trend for velvet conjures up images of heavy, dark drapes and cushions in old castles or drawing rooms in your mind, you are way off the mark! Because for some years now, the sublime creator of coziness has been sneaking on velvety paws into the homes of fans of subtle luxury living. The current velvet trend is for deliberately placed accents: with surfaces that are silky, shiny, and feel wonderfully soft.


Velvety surfaces – with patterns that captivate


And how do you bring the velvety, premium coziness to your home? Very easily – by refining the surfaces of furniture and home accessories with our Velvet Edition decorative films. To do so, all you need besides your creative streak is the two fantastic new velvety d-c-fix® Velvet adhesive films Tabora and Pamir. Both have an incomparably stylish silky shimmer and feel simply wonderful to the touch. With its elegant leopard pattern, the Velvet Pamir decorative film is inspired by nature in just the same way as Velvet Tabora, which is modeled on very delicate, soft bird feathers in sophisticated gray tones.


Cover the drawers of your dresser with different velvet designs – and you get an exotic piece of furniture with great charisma and impact!


It doesn’t matter which of the two decorative films you choose – you can create fantastic highlights with both. A velvety victory for stylish living!

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