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From used to just great: easy-going upcycling for your old furniture!

03. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Cintia -

For the fun of DIY: upcycling is now the thing! With smart upcycling, you can turn your old chest of draws, Grandma's sideboard, the scuffed dresser from your study days, the heirloom from the 1960's or your flea market bargain into a real gem in your living space!  How? Easy as can be, with plastic film from d-c-fix®.


Your ideas, your colours your unique It-piece!


In a nutshell, upcycling is unbeatably cool – it's quick, simple and easy on your budget. Using your favourite film from d-c-fix®, you can apply your own ideas, colour combinations, material look mixes and exciting effect accents that will magically transform your old furniture into an impressive unique piece bearing the hand of your own design.


Let yourself be inspired and awaken the furniture designer in you: get sticking!

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