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New tile look in the bathroom with d-c-fix® ceramics wall covering simply applied yourself.

Wow for walls in the bathroom: Quick and easy tile look with many advantages!

30. April, 2021 / Blogpost from Eva -

Tiles are tried-and-tested when designing walls in bathrooms, toilets or guest bathrooms. The advantages of real tiles should not be underestimated – were it not for the high cost, the amount of work involved, and the dirt generated when fixing tiles or removing old ones...


Let’s be honest: The old tiles in some bathrooms look horrible. Because they are worn out, old-fashioned, do not suit your personal style of living, or you just want a change. So what can be done? Is there a nice solution that is not a problem even in rented apartments? Yes! The perfect strategy for a new look in the bathroom is d-c-fix® ceramics wall coverings, which are available in many beautiful, high-quality designs!

Advantage #1: Great real-tile look

d-c-fix® ceramics looks like real tiles, is wonderfully robust – and can be easily applied like wallpaper!

Advantage #2: High-quality looks for every style of living

ceramics wall coverings are available in great looks: Tiles, wood, mosaic or stone decor – there’s a perfect look for the bathroom to suit every living style and taste!

Advantage #3: A clean job

d-c-fix® ceramics are easy to apply without the annoying amount of dirt generated by conventional tiling work. Thanks to its waterproof, wipe-clean surface, the ceramics wall covering is easy to clean and keep clean.

Advantage #4: A new look in wet rooms in less time

Walls and surfaces in the bathroom, shower, toilet or guest bathroom that are exposed to increased humidity can be given the high-quality look of real tiles in no time at all with ceramics. For long-lasting enjoyment of ceramics in the shower, bathtub and washbasin areas, seal the abutting edges or seams with silicone after the wall covering has been applied.

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