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Mint freshens up your bathroom!

28. May, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

The scene: your bathroom. The time: 6:30 in the morning. What you need right now is a boost to wake you up and energize you! And we have a top tip to help you with this: mint! Instantly add a fresh, modern touch to your bathroom with this color – whether your tiles are white, blue, gray or just a bit old-fashioned.


A pinch of fresh mint – you’ll love it, and so will your feet!


We start by laying the groundwork: Roll out the “red carpet” for yourself in your bathroom. With the chic floor comfort floor mat in mint, your feet will be in seventh heaven! The comfortable floor mat also looks great under your bathroom furniture or shelving units, next to the shower or bathtub and along the washing machine. It prevents you from slipping, protects your bathroom furniture against water and provides insulation against sound and the cold floor.


And it’s not just on the floor that the mats make a wonderfully soft, practical addition – they also make a perfect underlay for bathroom accessories on shelves, cupboards, chests of drawers or even the washing machine as they stop objects from moving around on these surfaces.

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