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Interior Trends

Small changes, big impact! With DIY products from d-c-fix®, cherished pieces of furniture can be given a new lease of life and change the ambience of an entire room – and always in the style of the latest interior design trends. On this page, you can find out what’s particularly popular in this area right now.

Heritage Treasures

Customs, rituals, traditions – they form our heritage, determine what we understand by “home” and enable us to rediscover ourselves as well as our roots. Among other things, we cast our minds back to ancient craftsmanship and various folklore patterns to express ourselves. One of the most exciting interior design trends, which also deals with these themes, is called “Oriental” and is characterized by a formal language reminiscent of “1001 Nights.” In other words, tile looks with mosaic patterns are the focus here.

d-c-fix® Wall Coverings

What happens when traditional design from the Middle East meets modern home interiors? It results in an exciting mix of styles that conveys cosmopolitanism and adds a touch of exoticism with a subtle vintage character. The “Oriental” style moves into your home in most elegant fashion with the self-adhesive wall tiles from d-c-fix® – whether as a tile backsplash in the kitchen or as a decorative border in the hallway. The patterns in the multi-tile look come in washed-out shades of grey and restrained shades of beige that transform boring surfaces into real eye-catchers in no time.

d-c-fix® Oriental Tiles

Patchwork effect in a Mediterranean style – sounds exciting? It is. The self-adhesive wall tiles from d-c-fix® in the “Oriental Tiles” design mimic the look of traditional tile art in subtle shades of grey and white, which fits perfectly into modern interiors.

d-c-fix® Vintage Flowers

Vintage style with a modern twist: self-adhesive d-c-fix® wall tiles in the “Vintage Flowers” design, transform plain walls or flat tiles into a real design statement. The stylized floral pattern combined with a washed-out vintage print and understated shades of beige, adds a certain to your interiors.

d-c-fix® Oriental Elements wallpaper

Combining modern graphic print with oriental influences, d-c-fix® “oriental elements” 3D wallpaper, in its subtle sandy tones, is ideal for adding design and texture to plain walls, it can even be used over existing flat tiles!

d-c-fix® Floor Coverings

Wood and stone looks are flooring classics. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll find it in self-adhesive floor tiles from d-c-fix®. Particularly popular right now are designs with a vintage character, which skillfully mimic the appearance of traditional tiles and translate it into a modern setting.

d-c-fix® Oriental Tiles green

Carpeting? So last year! An exciting alternative to carpets, d-c-fix® Oriental green self-adhesive floor tiles mimic the look of real tiles Easy to apply, just peel and stick to transform a hallway or guest bathroom

d-c-fix® Oriental Flower

With d-c-fix® self-adhesive “Oriental Flowers” floor, it’s easy to achieve a clean fresh look Inspired by the tile art of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, treat your hallway or bathroom to a fresh new feel, simply peel and stick over clean flat.

d-c-fix® Vivid Stars

Make your floor a real star of the show – d-c-fix® “Vivid Stars” self-adhesive floor tiles add pattern and a splash of colour to bland tiled floors for an instant transformation, simply peel & stick!

d-c-fix® Adhesive Films

Scratches on the kitchen cabinet, pen marks on the tabletop, or small blemishes on the chest of drawers – don’t worry, all of these can be covered up quickly and easily with the help of d-c-fix® self-adhesive films. Or if you simply fancy a change, wrap your surfaces with d-c-fix vintage and oriental style are currently all the rage!

d-c-fix® Visbi

No question, a wooden table top is timeless. But if you fancy a change to something with a little more pattern, why not try “Visbi” d-c-fix® peel and stick vinyl film with its tile effect? The oriental-style print and wipe-clean surface is ideal for an instant makeover on a budget and is guaranteed to transform items of furniture into a bespoke piece.

d-c-fix® Faroso

With d-c-fix® Faroso self-adhesive film, you can transform a boring table into a unique piece in no time. What makes this design so special? The mosaic effect, in shades of green and blue, reminiscent of tile art from the Mediterranean region. Experience that vacation feeling!