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Stylish Leatherette Bowls Without a Needle and Thread!

Project from Patricia -

We show you how to quickly and easily create small bowls to store your trinkets in a few simple steps using our print template. Our noblessa leatherette in basic silver is extremely easy to work with and adds a stylish touch to your home.


Create leatherette storage in four steps

You will need…

  • noblessa leatherette, basic silver
  • Punch pliers
  • A ruler
  • Scissors

  • A pencil
  • Split pins
  • Print template

Let’s go

Step 1

Print out the template, cut it out and cut a notch in the corners. Punch out the marked holes.

Step 2

Place your template on the back of the leatherette. Cut out everything, including the notches at the corners. You can punch out the holes using punch pliers, like those used on belts.

Step 3

Fold the opposite holes in the corners over the middle hole and fasten them together using a split pin.

Step 4

Fasten together the holes on the other side, too.

You’re done!

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