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d-c-fix® SA Wall Tiles: Modern tile look for walls – simply stick on for easy DIY

The time-consuming and dirty task of laying ceramic or stone tiles is a thing of the past. Designing and altering walls in an attractive wood, stone or decorative tiles look has never been so clean and easy. The before-and-after effect will amaze you. With the self-adhesive DIY d-c-fix® Self-Adhesive Wall Tiles, entire walls or wall areas in kitchens, bathrooms, guest toilets, washrooms or workshops, as well as in living rooms and bedrooms, can be improved, quickly and effortlessly.

Advantages of d-c-fix® SA Wall Tiles

The self-adhesive tiles from d-c-fix® are made of high-quality vinyl and are practically indistinguishable from conventional ceramic, stone, concrete or wood tiles. d-c-fix® Wall Tiles are easy to handle thanks to their low weight, and tongue-and-groove system with micro-V-groove. The self-adhesive back means you simply stick them on the wall. The tiles are made of vinyl and can be adapted individually to the right size using a cutter knife, e.g., to get around sockets. The two-sided backing film seals the joints, preventing water from penetrating.

Step by Step Verarbeitungsanleitung d-c-fix® SA Wall Tiles

1. Preparation:

Measure your wall to determine the required quantity of materials. Add 10% to allow for trimming. Store the boxes at room temperature (20 – 22°C) for at least 24 hours prior to installation in the room in which the tiles are to be installed.

2. Tools required:

  • cutter knife
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • optional: squeegee, paint roller

3. Surface preparation:

The surface to be tiled must be clean, even, free of dust, oil and grease, and thoroughly dry. Compensate any unevenness by laying suitable filler to create an evenly flat surface.

Smooth surfaces such as existing wall tiles are suitable for adhesion of new tiles. These tiles are not suitable for use outdoors, behind ovens, heating radiators, gas hobs with an open flame, or in rooms permanently exposed to sunlight (e.g. conservatories).

4. Remove the backing paper:

There is a self-adhesive film on the back of each wall tile that protrudes 2.5 cm at the top and to the right. Pull off only the backing paper of the projecting film.

Aids: Affix a strip of adhesive tape to the front and back of the projecting film and pull the adhesive strips apart.

5. Mount the wall tiles:

Position the first tile in the bottom left corner and press it firmly onto the wall with even pressure.

Aids: squeegee or clean paint roller.

6. Affix the next tile edge-to-edge over the protrusion of the previous tile to ensure the joints are watertight. If possible, the projecting film should not end in tile joints.

7. Cut wall tiles to size:

Cut the wall tiles as necessary by using a ruler as a cutting edge and running a cutting knife along it two or three times.

8. Cutting out wall sockets:

Cutting out wall sockets: Hold the tile on the spot where you want to glue it. Measure the position and size of the socket and transfer the dimensions onto the tile with a pencil. Use a ruler, score the surface of the tile with a box cutter and break through the cutout backwards. Glue the tile to the wall and seal the transition from tile to socket with silicone.

9. Edge finish:

For a clean edge finish, cut off the protruding film from the top row of tiles.

10. Sealing:

Seal all outer edges with silicone, especially in wet rooms, to prevent any ingress of moisture. Then ventilate the room well.

11. Cleaning and care:

Clean the wall tiles using a light, commercially available liquid cleaner or soapy water, and then rinse them afterwards thoroughly with clear water.

Note: Avoid using acetone, white spirit or abrasive cleaning agents and sponges.

12. Removal:

Insert a flat object (e.g. a screwdriver) behind the wall tiles, pry them off slightly and then pull them from the wall. Residual adhesive can be removed with a label or adhesive remover.

d-c-fix® SA Wall Tiles in all colors and designs

With attractive modern designs inspired by current home trends, d-c-fix® Self-Adhesive Wall Tiles are the chic, practical and easy-to-implement solution for renovating or designing walls that are subject to wear and tear. They will perfectly match your lifestyle: as a tile backsplash in the bathroom, for wall design around your tub, as a splash guard along your kitchen worktop, or simply as a visual highlight!





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