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Placemats covered with black, white and grey d-c-fix adhesive foil.

DIY - individual placemats with d-c-fix®

05. June, 2020 / Blogpost from Antonia -

Today I will tell you how you can quickly create these simple, individually designed placemats yourself! Very quickly and really incredibly simple!


Who doesn't know it: During a short visit to your favourite decoration shop, you quickly take new place mats for the dining table.


The next time you have dinner with friends, the shock: "Oh, I have the placemats too! "And here it is: The sudden feeling of being caught.


But in the age of mass-produced goods, this is unfortunately not absent. So what do you do if you don't want the same thing as one in two?


First you measure the old place mat and transfer the measurements to the white d-c-fix adhesive foil. Now you stick the white adhesive foil over the entire place set. Use the squeegee to firmly apply the entire adhesive film area. Cut off the excess foil with a cutter. Now draw two circles on the back of the black and grey d-c-fix adhesive foil and cut them out. Here you can get a round glass to help - use the glass as a template for the circles. Now remove the backing paper of the circles and stick them onto the white place mat. Let the two circles overlap to create a modern look!

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