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dcfix Wand Ceramics DIY Deko Küche Tisa Mark Kühler

Next stop Brooklyn: the old kitchen island looks stunning in brick look with the new Ceramics Tisa wall covering from d-c-home®.

Project from Mark -

The kitchen island is an indispensable part of the modern kitchen as simply everything revolves around it. This is where favourite dishes are prepared and ideally enjoyed too, where conversation goes on deep into the night and where the kids do their homework. Our professional Mark wanted to show off this prominent kitchen feature in a very special way. After all, the kitchen island is quite remarkable. And special things deserve to look great.


When it came to design, Mark opted for the new Ceramics Tisa wall covering from d-c-home® in used brick look to create that Brooklyn loft mood. It gives the kitchen unit a completely new look and is the epitome of coolness. Due to its thick texture and robust surface, the wall covering is ideal for this much-loved kitchen feature. Even after preparing the messiest of meals, this kitchen unit looks as good as new with a bit of soap and water.


The job’s done in five simple steps – that’s how easy the new Ceramics Tisa wall covering from d-c-home® is to use. The result will draw admiring glances. It’s really cosy in the kitchen by candlelight. The brick look in warm, earthy shades plays its part too. All you need is the right music – and you couldn’t conjure up a more romantic mood. Who wouldn’t want to sit here until the early hours on a bar stool.


Freshen things up: turn your old kitchen island into a stylish feature with the new Ceramics Tisa wall covering from d-c-home®

You will need…

  • Ceramics Tisa wall covering
  • Ceramics adhesive
  • Brush

  • Ruler
  • Cutter knife
  • Cleaning cloth

Let’s go

Step 1

A clean job is everything. That’s why getting my working materials ready is always the first thing I do. Then I make the surface even and remove all the dirt. Off you go!

Step 2

Then cover the areas of the kitchen island to which the foil is to be applied with wall covering adhesive. Ideally use a brush so that the adhesive can be spread evenly.

Step 3

Now carefully attach the first width beneath the worktop.

Step 4

Smooth the width from the top over the centre and outwards. Use the smoother to apply equal pressure so that it’s completely even. Perfect!

Step 5

Carefully cut off the excess foil on the edges using a cutter. Now go back to step 3 and cover the other sides of the kitchen unit. It’s as simple as can be! The kitchen island in Brooklyn loft look is complete – tataaaa! This used brick look is simply stunning!

You’re done!

dcfix Wand Ceramics DIY Deko Küche Tisa Mark Kühler
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